Game 11 Open Thread: Jackets vs. Blackhawks

There have been some developments since my preview went live, and one in particular is quite interesting- Allen York will get his first NHL start tonight. Talk about hitting the ground running.

There should be serious motivation for the rest of the Jackets to make sure that York's debut isn't a disaster. It's a two-way street however, if York can show the rest of the team that he can make the saves that he needs to, it gives them the confidence to push hard offensively.

Another development from today relates to the Blackhawks, and winger Dan Carcillo. Carcillo was suspended two games for an ugly hit on Carolina's Joni Pitkanen. He'll be out tonight for Chicago.

This seems like a game for Nash to take over. He has the ability to dominate games, and this one smells like a Nash Original.

We'll check back after the game. Enjoy!

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