Friday Followup - Trips, Tributes, and Tribulations

Welcome to another Friday Followup, where we sum up the week here at The Cannon, the Jackets blogosphere, and the NHL at large.

Here at The Cannon, we got our July Fourth holiday off to a bang with a look at this past weekend's Prospect Camp, a look at the fully armed and operational coaching staff, and a great look at the team's goaltending depth following the signing of David LeNeveu to complete the tandem for the Springfield Falcons.

The Jackets have invited Slovak winger (and Moncton Wildcat) Marek Hrivk to training camp!

Meanwhile, RFAs Jared Boll and Anton Stralman filed for Salary Arbitration - Boll's hearing will be July 20th, Stralman's is scheduled for the 28th. To date, the Jackets have always managed to avoid arbitration by settling on a contract prior to the hearing.

More links after the jump!

Development Coach Tyler Wright is off on his trip to Russia to meet with Nikita Filatov. (Puck-Rakers)

Dark Blue Jacket reminds you not to mess with the Johan.

Ten Minute Misconduct takes a look at the two most hated words in the CBJ fan vocabulary: Paitence and Perspective.

Light the Lamp takes a look at the Jackets' current roster and their salary numbers, including a breakdown of cost per point for each line.

If you haven't been keeping an eye on The Jackets Blog, Lee is doing a neat feature where he posts on each day until the regular season that matches a Jacket's jersey number.

New CBJ blogger The Green Seat View asks a loaded question: "Does Nash deserve the C on his chest?"

Inside Hockey also takes a skeptical view of the team's recent acquisitions of Ethan Moreau and Chris Clark, and their current approach to this year's free agent season.

Jackets Required takes a moment to remember the late Bob Probert, who passed away on Monday. Our thoughts are with the Probert family.

Around the NHL, Derek Zona of The Copper & Blue wrote a powerful article on Homophobia & Discrimination in hockey, and what the NHL and NHLPA can do to help. In Lou We Trust's John Fischer followed up by looking at how fans can make a difference. If you follow only two links out of this post today, I hope it's these.

Canucks Misconduct goes to the World Cup.

Over at Broad Street Hockey, they're talking about a pair of former Jackets, with Travis Hughes asking if they should give Jody Shelley a fair chance, while reports continue to swirl around that the team is "very close" to signing Nikolai Zherdev. All they need to do is grab Dan Fritsche and they can finish the "Former Jacket/Former Ranger" hat trick.

Speaking of Former Jackets are also Former Rangers, Nucks Misconduct also takes a look at Manny Malhotra as he joins the Canucks.

In a look at TSN and The Globe & Mail's series "Why Not Canada" feature, we also learn that Gary Bettman may not actually be the devil. (Puck Daddy)

Last but not least, here's a great pair of links from From The Rink on how to revamp the All-Star Game and the way the NHL's expansion into the US has continued to pay off for USA Hockey.

Have a good weekend, kids! We'll keep you up to date with any major news as it breaks!


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