Friday Followup: Preseason Tickets!

Welcome back to the Friday Followup. How's your weekend looking?

We had a busy week here at The Cannon, starting from our recap of CannonFest on Sunday, to Mike's excellent preview of the Traverse City Invitees, to my look at why improved conditioning may make a big difference in the standings. In case that wasn't enough, Andrew took a look at how Coach Arniel may affect the power play, we talked about the team's signing of depth forward Ben Guite, reacted to Rick Nash declaring the playoffs a must for next season, discussed how the rules changes at R&D camp may lead to the end of the shootout, and last but not least you all think I'm crazy for thinking Columbus should go after Trevor Daley.

Despite that, we still weren't the busiest Blue Jackets blog this week!

The Dark Blue Jacket has begun his 2010-2011 season preview, titled "Time To Step Up." He's gone through all of the returning Roster Forwards, including "tweeners" like Mike Blunden, Tomas Kana, and Andrew Murray, and he's given them all an honest look at what each one needs to do if the CBJ are ging to return to the post-season. He's also going to be producing posts for all of the defense and goaltenders. I really can't say enough about the job that DBJ has done here. Go read, right now! We'll have a few more links for you under the jump for when you get back.

Like the title says, Pre-season tickets are now on sale! I have to admit, I like that the team is taking on clubs like Washington, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta this year. We don't normally see them much in the regular season anyhow, so it makes a nice change. (

As was mentioned, CannonFest was a huge success on Sunday - here's a couple more recaps from The View From 210 and Full Mental Jackets.

Lee over at The Jackets Blog hit 50 in his Jersey Based Countdown to the regular season, and that means it's time for the Ladies' Man, Andrew Vermette. Oh, and you might appreciate his treatment of day #52. I'm just saying.

Last but not least, the Blue Jackets have officially hired Brad Larsen as their assistant coach for the Springfield Falcons. (Puck-Rakers) Interesting to see that Kevin Dineen played a big part in helping Larsen get hired. That makes two assistants that the CBJ have now poached out of the Buffalo/Portland organizations.

In non-CBJ news, friend of the blog Tapeleg is doing more jersey posts over at Jerseys & Hockey Love. I found his piece on Russian Hockey via his game worn Lokomotiv Yaroslavl jersey really interesting.

Sportsnet has a good look at which rules from the R&D camp this week have the best chance of being adopted into the NHL.

Not to be outdone, DOwn Goes Brown took his own look. (NationalPost)

Fellow SBNation blog Pension Plan Puppets found themselves plagarized (Oh, I'm sorry, gathered information from) by the Toronto Sun.

Should the Islanders look at Antti Niemi in goal? (Puck Update)

Finally, sad news that Pat Dineen, mother of former Jacket (and Portland Pirates head coach) Kevin Dineen, has passed away. Our sympathies to the Dineen family. (

Goodnight, and good luck!

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