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Friday Followup: I Can’t Think Of A Witty Title This Week

It’s a long, hot July day, but the good news is that tomorrow is Saturday, so we can all sleep in and relax tomorrow, right?

This week at The Cannon, we continued the “Players to Watch” series with Dorsett and Klesla, took a look at the Traverse City tournament schedule, talked about how LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland may be a bad thing for hockey, and found out that Sami Salo is busted indefinently. (Even better? The version of floor hockey he was playing is supposed to be safer than traditional ball hockey. Salo really is made of Cotton Candy.)

Around the rest of the Jackets’ blogosphere, the Columbus community mourned the loss of Andyman, while GM Scott Howson prepares for a trip to Toronto next week for the Anton Stralman arbitration hearing, and new head coach Scott Arniel finalizes his search for a new place to live in Columbus, among other things. (Puck Rakers)

The Green Seats View took a look at Shaone Morrisonn as a possible UFA addition to the blue line, Ten Minute Misconduct gave us an update on the Arena situation (among other things), Light The Lamp compares the Kovalchuk contract circus to Rick Nash‘s status in Columbus, and the Jacketsblog reminds you that there are only 77 more days until hockey season.

Normally, I’d link to more coverage of other NHL teams, but it’s almost all about Kovalchuk, and you’re as sick of hearing about that mess as I am. I’ll simply say that Quisp and the gang over at Jewels From the Crown probably have some of the best coverage I’ve seen of the whole thing. Though special mention to Mike over at From The Rink posting a Top Gear hockey palate cleanser.

Have a good weekend, everyone! We’ll keep the light on.