Friday Followup: Hardcore Hockey?

Welcome to our weekly look around the internets! As season ticket packages start arriving, it's Christmas in September for CBJ fans, and apparently this year's slogan (in addition to the "Carry the Flag" that has become a team staple) will be "Hardcore Hockey".

Interesting label, that's for sure. We'll have to hope they can live up to it.

Here at The Cannon this week, we gave you a look at some quick "Tweetviews" to preview each player in 140 characters or less. Here's the forwards, defense, and goaltending / the front office. Don't worry, though - we'll have a longer look at training camp and the season ahead starting on Monday!

Meanwhile, the Traverse City prospect tournament will start tomorrow, with the CBJ team kicking off against the New York Rangers. Don't forget to check out our look at free agents invited to the camp and the full roster!

Also, if you missed it yesterday, CBJ D-prospect (and Traverse City invitee) Anton Blomqvist will not be playing for the team this weekend due to making the Malmo Redhawks starting roster. We also saw 2010 first round Ryan Johansen pick sign his entry level deal.

On the fan side of things, Skraut is wrapping up his next video, and we had someone drop by to give us a great look at CBJ Prospect and NCAA blue chipper Cam Atkinson.

More from around the blogosphere after the jump!

In case you hadn't checked it out, SBNation's mock expansion draft wrapped up, with Rusty Klesla going to the "new" Quebec Nordiques.

Eric Smith over at Fox Sports Ohio is doing a series on players who need to step up for the CBJ. You'll see a lot of the same names you've seen other places: Klesla, Brassard, Commodore, and Steve Mason.

Over at Jerseys and Hockey Love, Tapeleg gave a twitter style look at all 30 NHL teams for the upcoming season, which I shamelessly ripped off.

LTL asks "Steve Mason? Or Jakub Voracek? Pick one."

Also, the Sierra family offers a thank you for the help the CBJ and hockey fan community in Columbus offered them after their recent house fire.

Mark over at The View From 210 offers an unboxing of his 2010-2011 season tickets (geez, I hope us partial plan holders get that snazzy 10th anniversary Season Ticket Holder patch).

The Green Seat View has been doing their own preview for this season, with a Fortune Cookie each day for a different player. Really fun - check it out!

DBJ takes a look at the recent Filatov interview, and also takes the time to roast Insight Cable for not carrying NHL network. (Which reminds me - if you're a CBJ fan, who offers the best TV service and NHL center ice in Columbus? Let us know!)

Take a moment to laugh joyously as the high priced SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL goes down in FLAMES for their first game.

Speaking of the Flames, Icethetics has a good look at their new retro thirds, along with others. (But no leak of the new CBJ third jersey yet? That's impressively tight lipped.)

This week's Jersey Fouls over at Puck Daddy feature beer girls. Did you need another reason to click?

Speaking of PD, they also posted their season preview for the CBJ. It's not pretty. On the other hand, they thought Columbus was a lock for 5th place last year, so it's not like they're talking rocket surgery.

Over at Behind The Net, Jody Shelley vs Ilya Kovalchuck - who's the better shooter?

How do Islander Fans grade John Tavares? It's surprisingly reasonable.

Last but not least, Cassie from Raw Charge editorializes at From The Rink on the whole "Dan Ellis vs. Twitter" brouhaha.

That's it for the Friday Followup. Have a great weekend! Me, I'm off for an 8-bit trip.

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