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Sorting through Blue Jackets’ list of coaching candidates

Jarmo has a grocery list long of potential coaching candidates to sort through.

Just have fun with it — Making the most of where things are for Blue Jackets

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just have fun with the rest of the hockey season.

NHL Return to play and some of the latest ideas

There’s going to be in an NHL season in some way, shape, and form. But what’s the latest and how might things look when we get there?

Jarmo’s next move? Torts, and safe is death

I’m ready to see the Blue Jackets attack the trade market, or draft the next mega offensive star. JUST FIND SOME OFFENSE.

What do you want out of the final stretch of the season?

That and more of the week’s links

Cannon Blasts: Let’s re-align the NHL

That and more of this week’s links

February 2020 Month in Review

All good things must come to an end

Wounded black and Blue Jackets ... still not dead

Pardon the puns, but the puns are intended.

NHL FanPulse: Columbus fans think the Jackets will be buyers

Has your opinion changed?

Somehow, through it all, Blue Jackets within striking distance of Metro

Before Seth Jones’ injury, my thought was the Blue Jackets have no excuses not to be a playoff team. And now they’ll look to continue on in overcoming latest adversity-fueled setback.

Columbus welcomes the hockey stats community to town for analytics conference

The inaugural CBJHAC was a huge success

January 2020 Month in Review

Let the good times roll

The possibly attainable Blue Jackets milestones and records to watch out for in 2nd half

We’re in the middle of the bye week, so while the numbers stand still for a little while, let’s see who stands where as the second-half gets going this weekend.

Looking back at the Blue Jackets’ best streaks

This run the Blue Jackets are on might just be the best in the clubs’ franchise history. In my humble opinion. But there’s actually lots of other great ones, too, and we take a look back.

Maybe we should’ve learned by now not to count out surging Blue Jackets

It’s like clockwork. Naysayers (like me sometimes) throw dirt on Blue Jackets, Jackets remind us the season is a marathon.

All Star snub: Zach Werenski should be representing the Columbus Blue Jackets in St. Louis

Werenski leads all defensemen in the NHL in goals scored, yet will not be in St. Louis. Long story short, Werenski got snubbed.

2021 Winter Classic: The Minnesota Wild should be matched up with fellow expansion team Columbus Blue Jackets

A view from the parapet: Closing out the year

Our bi-weekly look at the rest of the Metro Division

December 2019 Month in Review

We’re going streaking!

The Cannon Staff pick their Columbus Blue Jackets All-Decade Team

Chasing William’s thoughts, highlights, and week that was for Blue Jackets

The bizarro Blue Jackets season has hit a high amid more injury lows.

Near the season’s quarter mark, Blue Jackets aspiring for mediocrity

Things seem bleak. Then you look at the numbers and either get depressed or try to look at the bright side.

Rather than suck, the resilient, exciting Blue Jackets have other plans

Saturday night’s third period aside, the Blue Jackets have largely played well in what is supposed to be a transition year.

My early-season impressions of the Blue Jackets

Sometimes it’ll represent Clint Eastwood’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as some of these games might indicate. But patience is the virtue the young Blue Jackets are preaching.

Torts expletives, FO quips at pundits; Blue Jackets hockey is back!

Ahh yes. It’s September, the Blue Jackets are coming together for training camp, and Tortorella has already dropped a few F-bombs. Hockey is back.

The five things I’m looking forward to for Columbus this upcoming season

I rattle off the five things I’m looking to find out as the Blue Jackets get the new season underway.

Better follow Torts law: Favorite post-game Torts moments

No f****** phones!

Elvis Merzlikins or Joonas Korpisalo? Trying to forecast the road ahead

Once the formidable strength of the depth chart, the Blue Jackets are eager to see who sticks out in the crease this season.

Cross-examining myself for that time I said let’s trade for Gusev

Last week I proposed a trade for Golden Knights RFA Nikita Gusev. I read your comments and attempt (probably not) to address your concerns. Kind of. I really just back up my claims.

Could there be a name on defense that interests the Blue Jackets this summer?

With free agency opening up July 1, we preview a few defenseman who are set to be available, and maybe the Blue Jackets could have interest.