Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament: Games 9 and 10

Letestu, Saad, Umberger, Dorsett

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Today we move on to a quadrant of players who played in the JD/Jarmo era, but who are no longer on the roster.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We’ll take a break for the weekend, but all polls will remain active. We’ll have new match-ups starting on Monday, with the second round starting on Thursday. The top 16 seeds will be revealed starting then.

Round 1, Game 9: Mark Letestu vs. Brandon Saad

Letestu, C: 233 GP; 43 G; 55 A; 98 P

Notes: Acquired early in the godawful 2011-12 season, Letestu became a rock of the Blue Jackets for the next 4 seasons, as a bottom 6 center and special teams master. NEVER SHOULDA LET HIM SIGN WITH EDMONTON IMHO

Saad, LW: 208 GP; 52 G; 74 A; 126 P

Notes: Remember this guy? Many around the league were unsure whether he would be as productive in Columbus as he was while winning 2 Stanley Cups in his first 3 years in Chicago. He answered that by scoring 31 goals and being named an All-Star in his first year in Columbus. Year 2 saw him score as many points, but fewer goals. Will we regret trading him for Artemi Panarin? Only time will tell...

Round 1, Game 10: R.J. Umberger vs. Derek Dorsett

Umberger, C: 445 GP; 120 G; 130 A; 250 P

Notes: Umberger, an Ohio State product, was acquired from Philadelphia prior to the 2008-09 season and was a key part of Columbus’ first two playoff appearances. After 2014 he was traded back to Philadelphia for Scott Hartnell, a trade which Columbus got the better part of.

Dorsett, RW: 280 GP; 27 G; 38 A; 62 P; 727 PIM

Notes: A 7th round draft pick in 2006, Dorsett made a spot for himself on the roster mostly through the use of his fists. In 2011-12, he led the league in penalty minutes. In 2013, Columbus traded him for Marian Gaborik.

Share your memories in the comments, and cast your votes below:

Favorite Blue Jacket, Games 9 and 10

Letestu and Umberger85
Letestu and Dorsett40
Saad and Umberger70
Saad and Dorsett19

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