Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament: Games 5 and 6

Huselius vs. Commodore and Modin vs. Vermette

Reminder: You can still vote on the first two matchups by clicking on the “2017 Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament” link at the top of the page.

Today the Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament moves on from the Expansion Era to the adolescence of the franchise. Most of the players in this quarter of the bracket were part of the first playoff appearance in 2009.

Round 1, Game 5: Kristian Huselius vs. Mike Commodore

Huselius, LW: 189 GP; 58 G; 84 A; 142 P

Notes: Huselius was one of the first major free agent signings by the Blue Jackets, and he tallied 20+ goals in each of his first two seasons here.

Commodore, D: 158 GP; 9 G; 32 A; 41 P


Round 1, Game 6: Fredrik Modin vs. Antoine Vermette

Modin, LW: 176 GP; 39 G; 46 A; 85 P

Notes: Freddy is another former player who has settled in Columbus for retirement.

Vermette, C: 241 GP; 61 G; 91 A; 152 P

Notes: Vermette was an important trade deadline acquisition in the 2009 playoff season, then followed that up with a 27 goal (65 point) season in 2009-10.

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Favorite Blue Jacket, Games 5 and 6

Huselius and Modin34
Huselius and Vermette87
Commodore and Modin23
Commodore and Vermette39

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