Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament: Games 21 and 22

Hello, old friend

Reminder: Click the link at the top of this article to vote on previous match-ups. Games 7 and 8 close at noon today. The subsequent first round match-ups and the first two second round match-ups are still open.

This week beings with the second round of match-ups featuring players from that era around the first playoff appearance.

Round 2, Game 21: Kristian Huselius vs. Rick Nash

Huselius, LW: 189 GP; 58 G; 84 A; 142 P

Round 1: Huselius defeated Mike Commodore, 121-62

Nash, LW: 674 GP; 289 G; 258 A; 547 P

Notes: This one may be divisive. On one hand, he still leads the franchise in games played, goals, assists, and points. He received the third most nominations for this event. And yet, I don’t think I’m alone in still having a hard time getting over how he left. Which is a shame, because prior to that I was a fan of his more than I had been for any hockey player before.

Round 2, Game 22: Antoine Vermette vs. Manny Malhotra

Vermette, C: 241 GP; 61 G; 91 A; 152 P

Round 1: Defeated Freddy Modin, 126-57. First upset of the tournament, by seeding.

Malhotra, C: 344 G; 53 G; 92 A; 145 P

Notes: In his 16 year NHL career, Malhotra posted a faceoff percentage of 59.7. He finished his professional career with the Lake Erie Monsters before retiring in 2016.

Favorite Blue Jacket, Games 21 and 22

Huselius and Vermette12
Huselius and Malhotra21
Nash and Vermette54
Nash and Malhotra72

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