Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament, Game 44


Reminder: You can click the link at the top of the page to vote for the previous fourth round match-ups. The first two quarterfinals close at noon today.

Our final fourth round match-up features the two most popular current Jackets. Can the Captain pull off the upset?

Round 4, Game 44: Nick Foligno vs. Sergei Bobrovsky


Round 2: Defeated Boone Jenner 137-35
Round 3: Defeated Zach Werenski 116-53

You said it:

Oh, I went with Fligs. Best captain this franchise has ever had, first home playoff GWG, and an all around awesome person. - Dale B.

as R Lee Ermey likes to say "bullsh*t, sound off like you got a pair". when Nick knocks you down, you deserved it. i.e , see antoine roussel. honestly, i owe him a drink for that KO. that being said, i dont want fights just because the goons have to have something to do, but when roussel goes cheap shotting and Cap’n Nick drops him, i’m OK with that KO. - Arutha


Round 2: Defeated Jack Johnson 185-8
Round 3: Defeated Cam Atkinson 121-34

You said it:

#BobcantstopandyoucantstopBob - BurkusCircus52

This is true. If Bob can’t stop, then logically it follows that no one can stop him. - stinerman67

It was difficult to find many comments about Bob (and nearly as difficult to find comments for Fligs). I guess his case speaks for itself.

(Thanks to everyone who commented on all of the previous match-ups. I tried to include a bunch of different posters, and I apologize to anyone left out.)

This is a tough one, for sure. Defend your choice in the comments, and cast your vote below:

Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament, Game 44

Nick Foligno58
Sergei Bobrovsky102

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