Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament, Game 40

The Kid and The Captain

Reminder: You can click the link at the top of the page to view the previous match-ups, and vote on all of the third round match-ups. Games 33 and 34 close at noon today.

Round 3, Game 40: Zach Werenski vs. Nick Foligno

Werenski (defeated Seth Jones, 89-85): Lots of highlights in Werenski’s incredible rookie season. I’ll go with his first ever OT goal, in which he looks more like a forward than a defenseman.

Foligno (defeated Boone Jenner, 137-35): There was only one possible moment I could use for Foligno. Still the greatest sports moment I’ve witnessed in person:

Debate your choices in the comments, and cast your vote below:

Favorite Blue Jacket, Game 40

Zach Werenski53
Nick Foligno116

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