Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament, Game 36

An all-European meeting

Reminder: You can click the link at the top of the page to view the previous match-ups, and vote on the remaining second and third round match-ups. Games 25 and 26 close at noon on Sunday.

Today we get a player who was here near the end of a great career, and another who left Columbus before his peak.

Round 3, Game 36: Sergei Fedorov vs. Jakub Voracek

Fedorov (defeated Marc Methot, 100-67): It was cool to have a player of Fedorov’s caliber play in Columbus, even if it was at the twilight of his career. Here he is scoring a goal against his former team:

Voracek (defeated Steve Mason, 124-43): Here’s an example of the player we all hoped Voracek could be in Columbus. A skilled winger that could take pressure off of Rick Nash (and with Derek MacKenzie as center...huh?).

Share your memories and debate your choices in the comments, and cast your vote below:

Favorite Blue Jacket, Game 36

Sergei Fedorov56
Jakub Voracek115

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