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Traffic for the game tomorrow = bad.


Guys/Gals - just an FYI, if you're going to the game tomorrow, be sure to leave EARLY. President Barack Obama will be at the state Democratic dinner tomorrow. Traffic will be a utter disaster.

Sergei Bobrovsky's World Cup of Hockey Mask


Incorporating imagery from the Russian logo and the Jackets logo, along with classic Bob mask staples like the wall with spray painted numbers, Bob will look sharp tending the Russian goal.

Letting Letestu Go


Seeing as how he already is considered an albatross in Edmonton, I think maybe we should stop regretting CBJ not signing him and start being excited they didn't eat that bullet. (Thanks Copper & Blue!)

The John Scott Story


No matter where you fall on the John Scott saga, he wrote an article about his experience. It's a great read.

Updated Nationwide Arena Review from Stadium Journey


Stadium Journey offers an updated review of Nationwide, offering up high praise for the home of the Jackets.

Blue Jackets Named 19th Best Pro Franchise By ESPN


ESPN has unveiled it's all-sport power rankings, which they call the Ultimate Standings, and the Blue Jackets have entered the Top 20 at #19 of all 122 professional franchises across the four major sports. For better or for worse, the Jackets are so high for their off-the-ice marks with fandom and ownership. So, heres to putting to bed those blues from an 0-3-0 start!

Captain Foligno Named To Scott Burnside's USA World Cup Projections


Nick Foligno. Top line. For the stars and stripes. Hell yeah. P.s. - No Jack Johnson, so theres that.

More on the JMFJ Bankruptcy Story


So it looks like Jack Johnson is attempting to convert his Chapter 11 bankruptcy (a sort of payment plan) to a Chapter 7 filing (where his assets get liquidated and he starts with essentially a clean slate). I'm sure our resident lawyer(s) can explain it better than I can. Its an interesting read.

CBJ Prospect Rankings


Here is the latest Top 20 CBJ rankings from Hockey's Future. No surprise to see Werenski at No. 1, although I would say the No. 2 spot is more up for grabs. All in all, an exciting mix of prospects.