Falcons in July: Landon Speaks & Jersey Auction

It's been some time since I weighed in on some Springfield Falcons news. Truthfully, there isn't a lot of information that I would categorize as "newsworthy", since the rush of free agent signings has subsided. However, there are a couple of items worthy of note here.

First, before taking a week or two away from the summertime "webisode" format, Falcons President and General Manager, Bruce Landon weighed in on some recent topics. Among the topics this week, Landon and Damon Markiewicz talk up "The Executive Perch" inside the MassMutual Center in Springfield. The Springfield Hockey Heritage Society paid a visit to The Perch in January, and I can say from personal experience that neither Damon nor Bruce are overselling The Perch. It really is a great place to watch the game and the food is fantastic.

More relevant to the hockey operations, Landon touches on the flurry of recent player signings by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Something to keep in mind, Landon is a hockey lifer, and the complimentary things he says about the players and the Jackets should not be taken lightly. Also on the subject of player signings, Landon explains Ben Guite's signing with the San Jose Sharks.

Another and perhaps more important reason for checking in with some Falcons talk today is an ongoing jersey auction. The Falcons have stepped up and continued to work hard for the community since the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Springfield and surrounding areas on June 1st.

Currently, there is just over one day remaining on the current auctions, and according to eBay this morning, there haven't been any bids on any of the autographed jerseys. Among the autographed jerseys are: an Islanders jersey signed by last year's New York Islanders, a Derek Roy Buffalo Sabres jersey, a John-Michael Liles Colorado Avalanche jersey, a Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks, a Ryan Getzlaf Anaheim Ducks, a Shane Doan Phoenix Coyotes and a Hershey Bears Calder Cup jersey from the '09-'10 season. Proceeds from the auctions go to those in the greater Springfield area who are still in need.

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