Enter The Man-Child

How excited are you about the newest member of the Blue Jackets? Hopefully excited enough to want this shirt!

The arrival of Brandon Saad to Columbus brings a lot of things. Hope for the future. Excitement for the coming season. Anticipation of seeing him line up with guys like Ryan Johansen and Nick Foligno.

But it also brings questions.

Where DOES he fit in the lineup? Who will he find chemistry with? How will we see Todd Richards use him on the power play or penalty kill?

Most importantly, though: What do we call him?

Fortunately, the fans in Chicago took care of that last one - almost since the day he arrived in the NHL, #20 was recognized as being...


We're pretty excited about what the guys at BreakingT came up with for this one - and they're ready to fly from the printing press to your closet RIGHT NOW!

Just like the "O Captain" shirts, we'll be donating our portion of the proceeds to charity. In this case, $4 from every shirt sold will be going to the CBJ Foundation. The shirts are available in sizes from Actual Child Tiny to Monstrous Man-Thing, and as anyone who bought the last one will tell you, they're awfully comfy!

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