Draft Night: "Get Carter" Edition

Scott Howson definitely Got Carter. It's taken a little starch out of the 1st round tonight for Jackets fans, but that's been about the only downside of yesterday's trade. At any rate, the draft kicks off tonight at 7 PM.

In the 1971 original film "Get Carter," Michael-Caine-as-Jack-Carter (no, we're not copping out with Sylvester Stallone) returns home to find his brother murdered (Mike Richards trade). He gets a tip about his brother's killer, but it turns out to be a setup (Paul Holmgren telling Carter he wouldn't be traded). His bosses try to get him to clear off and stop asking questions, but instead he gets armed and he gets mad. One summary of the movie says: "[Carter's] subsequent revenge is unrelenting and brutal...[He] takes out each of his enemies with no remorse and occasional pleasure."

Here's hoping this can be the case for the Jackets. A mad Jeff Carter who channels his initial disappointment with being traded into "unrelenting and brutal" abuse on the rest of the NHL.

Back in the real world, Porty is reporting that Rick Nash has reached out to his new teammate, so hopefully there won't be too many hard feelings from Carter going forward. Either way, the NHL Draft will go on without the Jackets picking in the first round. There were rumors of a purported second trade involving the Jackets' second round pick, but that deal appears to have fallen through this morning.

If anything develops, we will of course keep you posted. Feel free to add your thoughts as the draft unfolds.

Edmonton is on the clock.

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