Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Day two of the NHL draft will kick off at 11am today, with Edmonton back on the clock.

There are some burning questions (well, OK, burning is a bit much - they might be smouldering questions) for Columbus fans.

  • Will we make a pick today? On paper, the Blue Jackets have the 37th (2nd round), 98th (4th round), 128th (5th), 158th (6th) and 188 (7th) picks in today's draft. On the other hand, Aaron Portzline reported yesterday that a deal was almost done that would have involved the second round pick moving, and it's entirely possible that with the widespread changes Scott Howson wants to make on his blue line that any or all of these picks (and potentially prospects or players) could be in play to get a deal done on the draft floor.
  • Who else will make a move? After a slow start to the trade action, quite a few deals slammed home in the closing minutes of the first round, and you have to wonder if we're going to see more deals go down before all is said and done, even if many of them could end up being moves for picks.
  • New Jerseys? Edmonton quietly launched their new road sweater last night by having their first round picks slide it on up at the podium. Florida also debuted their new "Red" home uniform and Tampa Bay finally officially launched their new uniforms that were unveiled in January. There's also talk that Nashville and LA will do the same when they start making picks today. Nice to see the new duds - but I repeat that it's a shame that we don't know what the Winnipeg Jets' new gear will look like.
  • When do we hear from Jeff Carter? Though it still may be another day or two before Jeff Carter talks to anyone outside of his once and future teammates, it'd be really nice to hear from him sooner or later. I think it's unlikely that he calls Howson, Arniel, or the Columbus media today, but it'd be nice.

This'll be your open thread for the afternoon. Play nice and have fun - we'll be dropping in on and off through the day to chat!

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