DKM Podcast - Pre-Season Preview

Dan, Kemp, and Morgan (get it?) return to the studio for a preseason preview!

Can you believe it's been two weeks already?? We're back with another episode of the DKM Hockey podcast.

Dan, Kemp, and Morgan (get it) return to the studio for a preseason preview! The boys discuss roster openings and what the bottom half of the forward roster will look like. As always, the defensemen are an after thought! Dan doesn't think Morgan can rant for 2 minutes about 3-on-3 and, boy, is he wrong.

In the se*ond segment, the boys return to the time honored tradition and reveal the person behind the Nationwide Arena Ghost twitter a**ount for the 2014-2015 season.

For the third segment, in the spirit of Brandon Saad's injury, the boys share stories of their hockey injuries. Bonus points awarded to those people who can correctly guess the number of "freshman years" Morgan had in college.


(You can click the link above to listen to the podcast, or you can go to iTunes or your podcast engine of choice and subscribe!)

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