DKM Hockey Podcast - KEMP TAKES OVER


As is our Tuesday custom (except for two weeks ago when I out of town and we dropped on Thursday instead), the DKM Hockey podcast is back with a new episode. Dan, John, and Morgan are joined in studio by the venerable Gallos of Dark Blue Jacket Fame. In the first segment the boys discuss all things CBJ and discuss what skills an NHL player is expected to possess when earning more than 5 million dollars a season. In the second period the boys welcome Dennis Kelly II of Boone's Goons to participate in Kemp's "Fast Five" segment (PEWPEWPEWPEW). It's really more of a Medium-Paced Five. In the third period Dan, Morgan and Gallos torment John with a new Being John Kempovich segment. Be there, or be a plane figure with four equal sides and four right angles. PS - Sorry Bunk...

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