Fans, Never Fear - The Fu-Mac-Chu Will Return!

And it might not be *just* for Mo-vember anymore!

There aren't many Blue Jackets who are more enjoyable to talk to than Derek MacKenzie. At 32, he's now the oldest player on the training camp roster, and along with Jared Boll he's the longest-tenured guy in the organization. He told me that he begged Adrian Aucoin to come back just so that he could avoid being the brunt of all of the old-guy jokes.

But one area in which there's no joking around is MacKenzie's world-famous fu-stache, which makes its appearance every season at some point. With the lockout last season, there was no Mo-vember for NHL players, as they didn't play hockey during that month. That didn't stop the Fu-Mac-Chu from appearing at the right time.

So, when I got the chance to ask Mac about the stache this morning, he left no doubt that it would be making its annual November appearance:

"You know what? By popular demand... it's definitely going to be a Mo-vember thing, but whether or not it comes back early or late, you know, it has become a little superstitious."

We're all waiting with baited breath!

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