Defend NWA: The Campaign Begins

The Blue Jackets are once again asking fans to make Nationwide Arena a tough building to play in, starting with a return of the Defend NWA campaign from last season. Sounds like fun - and we've got something in it for you, too.

Last season, the Blue Jackets tried to start a new social media / slogan campaign to go along with "Carry The Flag" or "Join The Battle."

The problem is, while "Defend NWA" is a pretty decent turn of phrase (and goes with the militaria theme!), it came to be in the shadow of the lockout, and was fairly quickly choked out amid the political maneuvering and brinksmanship that consumed over half of the planned 2012-2013 season.

With the team moving to the East, they're giving it another go, and for good reason. With so many opponents in closer range for driving or flights into Port Columbus, there's a good chance that tickets will be in demand for their fans. Just as we're looking forward to making the trip to places like Pittsburgh, New York, and Washington, they'll be plotting to return the favor.

I could bring up past failures here, but I think it's better to focus on success. Last season, fans in Columbus reminded the NHL how difficult a building Nationwide Arena can be to play in. Last April, our crowds were so ferocious, so loud, so electric, that even the officials couldn't communicate over the roar.

Now, I realize there were a lot of reasons for that noise level, and I don't expect it every game. But what we can do is put butts in seats, and bring energy to each game, cheering on the Jackets and denying that potential momentum to the enemy.

"But," you ask, "aside from getting to watch our home NHL team for a full and proper season, what's in it for me?"

Well, as it happens, the Jackets are going to be doing a contest with some pretty nice prizes...and we may just have a few things of our own to give away, soon.

Want to get your hands on that?

Then here's what you need to do. Go to the team's Defend NWA webpage. Get some of the new icons, facebook photos, and other new promos. Enter the contest. Then, show us how you're planning to get involved. Give us your best photo, video, Instagram, Catstagram, whatever, showing how you want to Defend NWA.

Training camp opens in just over a week. The pre-season starts a few days later. The regular season opener is a month away.

It's time to get excited, and to spread that excitement around this city. Let's make something happen.

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