Congrats to our ticket winners!

We offered up 3 pairs of tickets to Sunday's game, and you guys responded like gangbusters!

Apparently everyone remembers the 80s, even if only about a quarter of our readership was actually alive. I blame VH1 and feel incredibly old at the same time.

Thanks to everyone for getting involved in our contest for the CBJ Social Station tickets! We're going to have more giveaways this season, so don't consider this a one time deal if you didn't win. Keep an eye out, and next time you might be getting to watch the game with us!

Our winners for this contest were Theybege, Darth Panda, and ABarkley12!

(Winners were selected by the random number generator at

Thanks again for everyone's entries, and we look forward to doing another one of these soon!

Let's go Jackets!

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