Coming Soon: MLX Skate Review

Editor's Note: In the interest of full disclosure, MLX Skates has offered me the opportunity to test and keep, free of charge, a new pair of their skates.

The folks over at MLX Skates, as part of their marketing program, have turned to the blogging community to review their product. In the coming weeks when I receive the skates, either myself, or a close friend (who's incredibly adept at the art of being brutally honest) will give our review of the skates.

Here's what I know about the skates so far:

  • They have a price tag of $799.
  • Mario Lemieux is the face of their marketing scheme. Hey, if Mario likes 'em...
  • Current plays such as Sergei Gonchar and Dustin Byfuglien are MLX users.
  • MLX is the exclusive skate partner of the ECAC.
  • From photos I have seen of the skates, they seem to be designed more for fit and performance than aesthetics.

I am eager to get these skates and give them a try. Look for my review in the coming weeks.

Check out MLX Custom Ice Hockey Skates home page for more information!

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