Columbus Re-Signs Goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to a Two-Year Deal

After some strenuous negotiations, the Jackets and RFA goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky have agreed on a deal.

Ok, Bob's back.

It's being reported that Sergei Bobrovsky has been re-signed by the Jackets to a two-year extension, worth $11.25 million, for a cap hit of $5.625 million per season. He'll be an RFA at the end of this deal, according to Cap Geek.

The negotiations between the Blue Jackets and goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky were always going to be difficult. First, there was the fact that even if he played a full season, the sample size while in a Columbus sweater would be small. The lockout decreased this sample size even further. That small sample was an excellent one, however, driving up his value. To complicate and delay negotiations even more, was the fact that his shortened season with the Jackets earned him a nomination for the Vezina Trophy.

Of course, Bob went on to win the Vezina. With the award ceremony over, it was thought that the real negotiations could begin, but reports were coming out pointing to the lack of progress on contract talks.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, and it was reported that the Jackets were unhappy with what Bob and his agent were asking for, and were shopping his rights. This served two purposes- the first would be to potentially force Bob and his agent to alter their demands. and the other was to gauge his value if a deal wasn't able to be consummated.

Regardless of the fact that negotiations were less than amicable at times, Jackets fans can exhale knowing their Vezina goalie is locked up for the near future.

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