Build Your CBJ Roster

Wherein YOU, the Cannon readers, project the final opening night roster

As we’ve reached the midpoint of the preseason, it’s time to start looking ahead to the final 23 man roster the Blue Jackets will have on opening day, October 13. I wanted to collect the combined projections of the entire Cannon community of not only who makes the team, but what the lines may look like.

Below you’ll find a form to select 14 forwards, 7 defensemen, and 1 backup goalie. Please don’t repeat any names. For the purposes of this exercise, each line should be in descending order of 5v5 ice time. So, the most active forward and his most common linemates should be the first line, and so on. Same for the defensive pairings.

I’m more interested in what you want, rather than what you think will actually happen. However, do try to keep in mind the practical reality facing the front office (ex. Dalton Prout likely won’t be left off the roster).

If the form below doesn’t work, you can also submit at this link.

On Wednesday, October 5 I hope to publish the results. In the meantime, go ahead and debate your selections in the comments. Which rookies do you expect to make the team? Which line combinations will be most effective? Will they look like the lines we’ve seen in preseason, or more like the lines from last season?

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