Blue Jackets to face Avalanche in Finland in November

They will play two games in Laine’s hometown

Today the Columbus Blue Jackets officially announced the dates for a two game series this fall in Finland against the Colorado Avalanche:

The series had previously been announced way back in 2020, though no dates were set then. Of course the COVID pandemic forced an indefinite postponement. The series was considered for last fall, and the schedule left room for it. Instead, the Jackets and Avs played a home-and-home (remember that the Jackets swept that series).

The Jackets are offering travel packages for those interested in going. You can sign up here. I’m going, is anyone else here?

Also noteworthy is that the games will not be held in Helsinki, but rather in Finland’s second largest city, Tampere. This is the hometown of Jackets’ forward Patrik Laine. Laine is also featured in the graphic the team and league used to announce the games. He is not yet under contract for next season, so does this signal that an extension is likely? Stay tuned...

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