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Blue Jackets Depth Chart: Wingers

As of the writing of this article, the Blue Jackets have 11 wingers that are either expecting to play in the NHL or are on one-way contracts. That doesn’t even count the possibility of Fantilli starting out on the wing or players like Sillinger or Roslovic getting bumped from the center position. And while the pipeline for the position isn’t as robust as on the defensive side, there are a few prospects that will soon be pushing for spots.

Roster Locks

Gaudreau, Laine, Johnson, Marchenko, Texier, Olivier

There are probably about nine spots available (at least one being in the press box) for the opening night roster and already six of them are taken. Marchenko scored at a 29 goal pace last season, so it’s hard to imagine him not being a lock. Texier is on a one-way contract and wouldn’t make it through waivers and we all know Olivier and his newly signed two-year extension aren’t going anywhere.

Don’t Get Comfy

Chinakhov, Robinson, Danforth

It’s more likely than not that Chinakhov is in the lineup on October 12th. However, depending on how the roster shakes out, he could find himself in Cleveland due to his waiver exempt status. Robinson may be seen as a lock by many, but he can’t allow himself to get comfortable after his defensive struggles last season. Danforth has looked like a solid bottom six option and will be looking to redeem himself after only playing six games last season because of injury.


Bemstrom, Foudy

Time is running out for these two. They will need to steal someone’s spot in training camp to earn a spot on the opening night roster. Foudy, in particular, could have Robinson looking in his rearview mirror. Both require waivers to make it to Cleveland and would likely pass through due to the tight cap situations around the league.

The Future

Dumais, Malatesta

Enter the QMJHL MVP and the QMJHL Playoffs MVP. Dumais will be returning to the Q if he doesn’t make the opening night roster. There’s a chance he gets the Shane Wright treatment, but there would still need to be a roster spot available for him and that seems unlikely. Don’t be surprised if Malatesta makes some noise in training camp before heading to Cleveland.

Others: Carson Meyer, Trey Fix-Wolansky, Tyler Angle, Martin Rysavy, Mikael Pyyhtia, Kirill Dolzhenkov