Columbus Blue Jackets 2010/11 Predictions: Over/Under

Ok folks, time for the preseason predictions to begin! I've come up with a few legit over/under bets (if you will) to track this year, along with some...well...more comical predictions. Go ahead, guess on the over and under, and if you have more you would like to see us here at the Cannon keep an eye on let us know in the comments. If its realistic, or funny enough, I'll add it to the list!

Player predictions:

o/u 50 goals - Rick Nash
o/u 20 fighting majors - Jared Boll
o/u 40 wins - Steve Mason
o/u 5 breakaway goals - Rick Nash
o/u 7 PP goals - Anton Stralman
o/u 20 goals - Nikita/Jake/Brass (each)
o/u 100 PIMs - Mike Commodore

Team predictions:

o/u 7 20-goal scorers

o/u 6 wins in OT/SO

Other predictions:
o/u 100 times Bill Davidge says "Goal scorers goal"
o/u 34 times Rimer forgets who the team is playing that night
o/u 500 times Rimer says goal mouth pass
o/u 2 times Jake Voracek is told to cut his hair
o/u 20 times we confuse John Michael with Raffi Torres
o/u 1 trip to Russia - Nikita Filatov

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