CBJ @ BUF - Ants Riding A Duck To War

Ants riding a duck to war

This illustration is what happens when my friend Dave Klegman have a few too many drinks while he's sketching, but it is still a useful metaphor for something awesome, yet inherently ridiculous.

Much like the ants, the Jackets have ridden their way into Buffalo with nothing short of pillage and destruction on their mind. In a matchup where the Jackets have dominated the Sabres of late, and the Western Conference in general has ruthlessly dominated the Eastern.

We have confirmation that Mathieu Garon will get the start in goal tonight, and Steve Mason will start tomorrow vs. the Pens. Though Garon is historically 1-6 vs the Sabres for his career, his play on the road for the Jackets this season has been stellar, and I think it's likely that we'll see a strong outing tonight.

If you're at home tonight, enjoy the game and stop by! If you've managed to make your way to HSBC Arena somehow, get loud and proud for the boys in Union Blue, and we'll see you back home tomorrow.

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