CBJ 2010-2011 Tweetviews Pt. 2 - Defense

Next up in the Tweetviews series, a look at the blueliners - and the many players waiting in the wings for a chance to show what they can do at the next level.

Again, all "tweetviews" will be no longer than 140 characters, and I'll try to give some measure of prediction for what we can expect from each player or prospect.

Brandon Archibald: Big guy, scoring touch, moves the puck - a couple more years in Juniors and you could find yourself in Nationwide.

Anton Blomqvist: The Malmo Redhawk! A late pick last year - Stay at home guy on ice, perhaps coming to North America when your Swedish contract is through?

Grant Clitsome: Best. Name. Ever. 11 games wasn't much, but you played well. Can't quite see you playing in NHL full time, though. Lots of back and forth?

Mike Commodore: You were disappointed, embarrassed, injured. So were we! Use that, let it drive you. Bring the fro and the fury back.

Steven Delisle: Down year in the Q last year. You're a position guy, not a scorer. Guessing AHL, could even end up in ECHL. Plenty of time to grow.

Cody Goloubef: Going pro! Big step up. You were huge for the Badgers - can you keep shutting down opponents for the Falcons? Great skater.

Nate Guenin: Emotional soft spot for an OSU grad, but you'll probably spend most of the year showing the kids how it's done. Perhaps a callup or two?

Jan Hejda: You've been the iron man, and one of the best defenders - you need to prove that you'll rebound, and last year was a fluke.

Nick Holden: Operation Petticoat? Wait, wrong guy. Coming along well, but not the scoring machine you were in WHL. Probably in the callup queue.

Rusty Klesla: Taken a lot of abuse, on and off ice. Stay Healthy! Play like it's the playoffs, and you'll be fine. Otherwise the last OGCBJ may part ways.

Dmitri Kosmachev: Big, powerful dude. You kept showing up for camp, then flying home. Sadly, I think you're done with us, set with AK-Bars Kazan.

Thomas Larkin: A world traveler, lots of size - good start at Colgate, but far too early for much more.

Austin Madaisky: Not that great in WHL regular season, but you had a great playoff. Keep moving the puck well, and you'll be regarded as another Howson steal.

Marc Methot: Corsi numbers say you actually play a lot of hard minutes, but you feel like an afterthought. Soon to be RFA - can you show us more?

John Moore: Your talent impressed, but your dedication to get ready, make team this off season got my attention. I think he'll make the squad.

Drew Olson: Big shot, tough one on one, but only two points last year in NCAA? Not encouraging for someone they said could be a future PPQB...

Dalton Prout: Late bloomer, late pick, probably one more year in Juniors - another big D-man for the prospect pool.

Michael Ratchuk: Are you a d-man, or a forward? We really lost the Legein trade. I smell an AHL bust.

Brent Regner: 20 points in your first AHL season isn't bad at all. -13, though, could use some work.

Kris Russell: Everything seems to be coming together for you - speed, defense, scoring. Need you to keep raising the bar - can you thrive in top pairing?

Teddy Ruth:  Great +/- at ND, but you didn't set the world on fire. Still, you made the decision to go pro - hopefully you can bring solid D to AHL game.

David Savard: You had a great year at Moncton. Trying to make the leap to NHL this year? Tall order. Don't be shocked if you show well, but go back to Q.

Jonathan Sigalet: You've had some great starts, but injuries keep shutting you down. Big in camp, or back to AHL? Betting on Falcons.

Anton Stralman: RFA gets a one year deal - the pressure is right back on. Can you put up 35+ points AND keep pucks out of the net? Earn the next contract.

Fedor Tyutin: Fans love you, scoring always a surprise. 30+ points last two years - 40 this year? +/- needs a little help, too.

Will Weber: Best defensive D-man at Miami OH, perhaps another run to the Frozen Four ahead? Wouldn't be surprised if you go pro next year.

Thanks for sticking with another set of Tweetviews! Don't forget that we already covered the forwards on Monday. We'll wrap up with the goalies and coaches!

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