Cannonfest: Meet Thor!

Brian "Thor" Thornton and his OH! Burgers truck will be joining us for Cannonfest. Get to know another one of Columbus' top food trucks!

The man they call Thor made a splash a few years ago by serving up tasty mini burgers around town, and have expanded with their own OH! Chips that are now being served in bars and restaurants around town - including a few other food trucks! They'll be joining us for Cannonfest, so we asked him a few questions to help get you excited - and hungry!

Q: What got you started with the OH! Burgers and gave you the ideas for the truck?

I have always wanted to start a restaurant since high school and a food truck is a great way to enter the industry with lower start up. We chose mini burgers because of the quicker cook time, and the ability of the customer to eat different burgers. It really works well for the customer because they can get 1, 2 or 3 burgers, all the same or all different ones!

Q: Your OH! Chips have taken off, and now they're being featured at fine establishments all over town (including Strongwater, our host for Cannonfest) - what's next? (Will we ever see the OH!-nuts donuts again?)

We are really focused on getting the chip production going right now, so what is next for us is hard to say. We are working hard on building the OH! Chips brand and we need to grow that for a few years before we can think of doing much else. OH! Nuts was fun but I did take the fryer off the truck once I wasn't using it for chips.

Q: What does Columbus mean to you as a city?

Columbus means a lot to me. It is where I grew up and it has supported me and helped me grow my business. It's a great city and I have no plans on moving anywhere else.

Q: Do you have a favorite Blue Jackets memory or moment?

It's hard for me to say really, I think last years playoff run was awesome and hopefully we will do it again!

Q: Anything special on the menu for Cannonfest?

That's a great question and we will have to come up with something crazy blue!

Q: What's the best way for fans to keep up on what you and the truck are up to?

Our facebook and twitter!

Thanks again to Thor and the OH! Burgers crew, and we'll #SeeYouAtCannonfest!

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