CannonFest IV: The Return of the Fest

It's back! It's Big! It's Officially a Thing....and it's in an all new location!

Even after the craziness of the shortened season, the agony of the regular season, and the whirlwind that has been the Stanley Cup Playoffs, wheels are turning here in Columbus.

Plans are being made. Dates were being reviewed. Questions were raised, and answers were found.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters....we have a scheme.

It's my great pleasure to announce that, in partnership with our co-conspirator Greg May of Full Mental Jackets, CannonFest will return!

This year's edition of what has become a Blue Jackets fan tradition, however, will be a bit different.

For one, I'm sad to announce that our compadre and generalissmo for life Mr. Dark Blue Jacket was unable to take part in planning this year, due to life being extremely busy. We shall raise glasses in his honor!

For another, we had to do some soul-searching, and I'm afraid we are not holding this year's CannonFest at the BW3 Grandview location.

As much as we love the folks there, and we appreciate their great help with putting the party on, I'm afraid we'd simply outgrown their capacity - after several warnings from the Fire Marshal about over-loading their capacity (not to mention their parking lot), we had to go bigger...which is why I'm happy to say we'll be moving to the BW3 at the Bethel Center shopping center! That means yes, we still will be able to give you Wings, Beer, and, of course, the debut of a new video from our own mad montage maestro, the magnificent Skraut.

We're excited to be getting help once again from the Jacket Backers and Arch City Army, and we plan to continue our tradition of raising money for the Blue Jackets Foundation during the event with raffles and some great prize giveaways!

So, of course, the next question is...when and where?

Cannonfest IV: The Return of the Fest

Sunday, August 18th, 1-4pm

Buffalo Wild Wings Bethel Center

5240 Bethel Center Mall

Columbus, OH 43220

We look forward to seeing you there!

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