Cannonfest IV Donation Totals Are In!

Great news for the Blue Jackets community - the raffles and donations have been totaled up and the check has been written for the CBJ Foundation!

Every year, a big theme of Cannonfest is "look at what this community can do."

I'm thrilled to share that this year, once again, we've broken our record for donations.

I received word from Julie Maurer of the Jacket Backers last night that the official total from our prize raffles and the 50/50 came to $1,500 raised for the CBJ Foundation. The foundation will also receive a portion of the sales proceeds from Tilly Hockey, and the Arch City Army raised another $130 for the Ryan Salmons fund from their quarter season ticket package raffle.

Since we accepted donations of food and supplies for the Sedona Grace Foundation, it's hard to put a dollar value on it, but I'll simply tell you that you guys brought in over 200 pounds of much needed contributions that were delivered to the Smoky Row Brethren food pantry.

Never doubt that Cannonfest is about having a good time and celebrating our passions, but it's also always been about reaching out to help others, and we continue to do more every year. I am so damn proud of you guys. Great job.

If you're looking for more to do this weekend, the Jacket Backers are partnering with the R-Bar today to celebrate their grand re-opening with a "Hockey Memorabilia Market" from 1-5pm today. Fans are encouraged to show up and buy, sell, or donate items that will be sold off through the day, and part of the proceeds from this event will also go to local charities.

The event will be family friendly, and the Backers will also have people on site to talk about community service volunteering opportunities and fan road trips being planned for the 2013-2014 season if you're interested.

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