Cannonfest 2015: Right Up Front

First, we outgrew Grandview. Then we blew out Bethel Rd. Last year, we sold out Strongwater. For 2015, we just had to go BIGGER, and that lead us to our Last Resort...

Even before this past season ended, Alison, Greg, and I were hearing one constant question: "When's Cannonfest?"

One of the best parts of making Cannonfest happen is the way it has grown and changed over the last six years. We've grown from "that blogger thing" to a big part of the Blue Jackets' offseason calendar, and the challenge every year - to say nothing of the fun! - is figuring out how to make each one a little better.

I think you'll like what we came up with for this year.

You may have heard that a little place called Dick's Last Resort just opened up over in the Arena District - right on the doorstep of Nationwide Arena, in fact! (One might even say that they're just 45 steps away...)

What better way to welcome them to town than with a nice big party? What better party than for Jackets fans to take over the whole restaurant, including their patio on the Front Street Plaza?

Yeah, that's what we thought!

Cannonfest 2015

Dick's Last Resort - 343 N. Front St

Sunday, August 23rd, 1-4pm

Food specials? They're gonna have 'em.

Drink specials? You know it.

Charity Auction? Absolutely - and this year in addition to raising money for the Blue Jackets Foundation with the Jacket Backers, we'll also be doing something special for the #HartnellDown Foundation!

We've got a number of things in the works, including a few surprises that I think everyone will love - I'm confident that once again we'll be taking Cannonfest to another level!

We'll be announcing more details here at The Cannon and over at Buckeye State Hockey as we get closer - keep checking back for more news, and we'll look forward to seeing you there!

Oh - and this goes without saying, but don't forget that the first rule of Cannonfest is always stay until the end.

After all, you never know who may show up...

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