Cannon Open Thread - 2/23

It's cold again. Meaning the eight inches of snow is now super-frozen.

I myself managed to run the snow-blower on Saturday to get rid of most of the snow, and then went out with a shovel on Sunday to get rid of anything left over, including the stuff packed down by car tires and such. 90 minutes of that without incident.

Then, my son came outside to play in the snow, and within five minutes I'm diving into a snow pile for his entertainment. I land awkwardly on my elbow (tucked under my body) and get one of those rib injuries where you tweak the cartilage between your ribs. And it hurts. Literally every time I move, it hurts.

And I've had this injury before, and it's the weirdest thing: it will hurt the same amount each and every day until one day you wake up and it doesn't hurt at all. But it usually takes two or three weeks.

So, that'll be fun.

How was YOUR weekend, folks?

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