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The Cannon Cast Episode 18: The space between the draft and free agency

The team picks some guys, and some guys pick the team

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The NHL Draft is over and the start of free agency is on the horizon, but in the meantime we’ve got a new episode Cannon Cast! We’re talking about the quiet draft weekend for the Columbus Blue Jackets, as well as their chances in the upcoming free agent frenzy. We also discuss development camp and the fact that we know exactly how many days are left until the CBJ home opener.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How did we feel about the Blue Jackets’ draft?
  • How cool is it to be under six feet tall?
  • Who are we looking forward to seeing in development camp?
  • How sick are we of thinking about Sergei Bobrovsky and Artemi Panarin?
  • Will the CBJ be okay if the free agents bolt?
  • What else have Metropolitan teams been up to?
  • How ready are we for Toronto at Columbus? a lot more.

Our theme music is the song “Green Eyes,” by Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons off of their album “Homemade Vision.” Angela is working on an upcoming album called 4:30 to be released on August 2, so go check her out at

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