Cannon Blasts: The Doldrums of Summer Continue

It’s summer and there’s not that much to talk about

You know how it’s summer? When I literally have no idea how to fill the space in this here link dump. Which is sad because, yes, stuff is happening in the Jackets, NHL and sports worlds, but nothing seems major enough to include it, you know?

Anyway, how has everyone been over the last month? I’ve been solid, thanks for asking. I’m actually going to take this time to plug my work podcast, the WCTV Sports Podcast in Tallahassee, Florida. And, while you’re at it, check out the stuff that literally sustains my life; I’ve worked really hard to make the sports section something that looks good, and it’s been a year-plus in the making, but it’s looking really good I think.

Outside of work, nothing super exciting has gone on. Eric had the world’s worst take about the third jerseys being announced (which I’m not going to even dignify with a link back to the article), and I realized that my schedule is going to align perfectly to go see the Jackets down in Tampa come October. If any of you will be there, holla atcha boy and we’ll have to exchange pleasantries!

Anything on your mind? If so, lets chat about it.

Anyway, here’s your news.

Columbus Blue Jackets news

National Hockey League news

Sports news

  • We were one. out. away. form the 300th no-hitter yesterday, but the Braves’ Sean Newcomb couldn’t put the finishing touches on it. Such Atlanta (as an Atlanta native, I can say that. None of you can say that).
  • Oh yeah, then Newcomb got milkshake ducked, essentially.
  • The Arena Football League has ended their 31st campaign, after the Washington Valor took home ArenaBowlXXXI on Saturday. Oh, and the Valor won two regular season games./

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