Cannon Blasts - September 5, 2014

Your Friday 9/5 Edition of Cannon Blasts.

  • Let's get the obligatory "Johansen isn't signed?? zOMG" out of the way. I'll hit you with some national perspectives on the situation. Most are leaning towards the Jackets side of things in this negotiation, saying RyJo needs to look at the PK Subban situation - the Montreal defenseman signed a modest two-year "bridge deal" and is now breaking the bank on his next deal. Johansen has no offer sheets and no arbitration rights. The current CBA gives the team the upper hand in this scenario. Finally, SportsNet takes a look at if last season was a blip or a trend.
    Traverse City plans have been finalized. Mike has a preview for you here. I'm still drooling a bit over a potential Milano - Wennberg - Bjorkstrand line.
  • Remember our discussion on potential breakout players this season? My predictions and many predictions in the comments differ from The Hockey Writers Big List. They think Murray can step into the 30 point range, Cam could go for 25-30-55 (is that much of a "breakout" over 21-19-40 last year?), and also list Boone as a possible 20-20 guy. Similar to Cam, Jenner already put up 16 goals last season. Either way, an interesting topic to consider and the link to THW gives you a look at all other 29 teams around the league.
  • Speaking of CamSanity, Brian McCormack discussed a very similar topic in profiling the young forward, and thinks 30 goals might not be too far out of reach for Atkinson. Unlike R.J. Umberger, I think Cam took his healthy scratches last season and turned them into a positive. It will be interesting to see where Richards slots him in the top 9 and if he'll have a new linemate or two this season.
  • Do you play fantasy hockey? Do you like CBJ players on your fantasy teams? (That's a more realistic thing to consider now with this team). You're welcome.
  • Do you need all of the off-season news summed up in one article? The Score has you covered.
  • This Crosby story is still baffling. I've...honestly got nothing./

Things are still a bit quiet in CBJ land. Look for some Camp Previews and Season Predictions coming soon. Perhaps we'll even consider "Opening Night Lines" (ooohhh, contest idea?? Please?) and get all the users here involved and see who can guess what the non-RyJo forwards might look like assuming he doesn't sign a deal by then. The 4th line wings around Letestu have quite a few candidates, and someone may get pushed down if Wennberg impresses at camp and makes the team.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody. Cue up your fantasy research if that's your thing. Try not to salivate too much over the Prospects Tournament coming up. And have faith Jarmo can get a deal done.

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