Cannon Blasts: Rick Nash Coming Back?

Rumor has it the Jackets are interested in bringing back Rick Nash, and the feeling is mutual

Earlier this week, Aaron Portzline detailed some information about a potential reunion with the Blue Jackets and public enemy number one, Rick Nash.

The long and short of it; according to Portzy, an offer was submitted in free agency, nothing happened, then two members of the CBJ front office met with Nash, things went well, and Nash even has made a donation to Jarmo Kekalainen’s fundraiser to benefit diabetes research.

I understand the contention with a move like this; I completely get if there area good number of Blue Jackets fans who don’t want anything to do with a guy like Nash after the way he treated the org before he left. (All of this info is second-hand knowledge to me, as it proceeded my time as a Jackets fan. I do remember having a hockey card of him in a CBJ sweater though. But, that’s neither here nor there.)

But, from a hockey standpoint, it would be smart. He totaled 34 points (21 goals) last season; only Artemi Panarin had more in both categories from the left wing corps, while PLD also had more points with one fewer goal.

Especially if the aforementioned Bread leaves, then I think it’s a no-brainer. As it stands the Jackets’ LW core is very strong, but a veteran presence (and one who knows the organization) in the locker room can’t be understated, especially if the playoffs are in the cards again.

Anyway, prepare to yell at me for even suggesting such a thing. But before you do, here’s your news from the past fortnight.

Columbus Blue Jackets News

  • Our Top 25 Under 25 series rolls along as we are unveiling #7 today! We’ll finish early next week.
  • It’s countdown season all across the hockey world, as the NHL Network put Seth Jones and Zach Werenski on their Top 20 Defensemen list, and Artemi Panarin on their Top 20 Wingers list.
  • And here was the NHL’s response.
  • But, the league didn’t completely disrespect the Blue Jackets. They have a whole T W O national games this year!
  • Who’s ready for Traverse City?!
  • I’ll let you guys in on a little secret; I’ve been awful when it comes to reading other Blue Jackets writers this summer. That’s something I want to get better at as the season approaches. And this Scratch Pad from Portzy is where I’ll start (say what you will about him, especially over the couple of controversies he more or less started, but the guy knows his stuff. I’d kill to be half that plugged in to…anything).
  • Regardless of the on-ice play, the Jackets will have the best Corsi in the league this year.
  • The Blue Jackets continue to win the internet, as they unveiled a very spiffy new logo. Hopefully they’ll make hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts with the new design. /

NHL News

  • Tobias Enstrom has signed in Sweden. (The only reason I defend this as news is he was a Thrasher holdover. Yet another is gone.)
  • Starting to put your fantasy hockey prep together? ESPN runs down your sleepers.
  • Sean Couturier will miss fourish weeks with another knee injury.
  • Rumor has it Erik Karlsson doesn’t want to resign north of the border. He says that isn’t true.
  • Former division-rival defenseman Noah Hanifin hasn’t played for his new Flames team yet (a trade I still don’t understand), but he’s already talking about an extension with Calgary.
  • The Humboldt Broncos are beginning their rebuild, both literally and figuratively./

Sports News

  • Late last week, the lacrosse world (the younger, but better looking, brother of hockey) had an interesting controversy; long story short, a player and a coach allegedly threatened a referee, which led to all other officials saying they didn’t want to officiate the rest of the tournament (which is a national title, somewhat aiken to an NCAA-level of prestige) but then things got figured out and the rest of the tournament continued.
  • The Australian Football regular season is over, and now it’s time for the Finals! (They call the whole playoffs the ‘Finals’, leading into the Grand Final). You’ve got Richmond, who won the premiership last year and was the top team all year, Hawthorne, Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, GWS (Greater Western Sydney, my unofficial second club), West Coast and Collingwood all playing. Apparently, they have qualification finals and elimination finals and with this being my first year watching, I’ll have to learn how all of that works…but here’s to hoping for an entertaining playoffs! (My #1 club, the Western Bulldogs, were riddled with injuries and missed out this year. Here’s to success in 2019. Also, everyone become Bulldogs fans so we can talk about them.)
  • Congrats to Hawaii for taking home the Little League World Series!
  • Urban Meyer is suspended for *squints* three games./

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