Cannon Blasts Open Thread 4/13: A salute to bread

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Tonight marks three weeks since Governor Mike DeWine’s Stay-At-Home order went into effect. Therefore, this marks the beginning of the fourth straight week I’m working from home. In some ways it feels like a year, in other ways it feels like yesterday. Time has lost all meaning.

But how do we pass the time? We’ve already covered some things you can watch, but what about something you can do? In this post, I want to know if any of you are using this time to make something.

Around the country, many people are using this time to bake, especially bread. I can flex my hipster creds and say I’ve been getting into bread baking since last winter. In fall 2018 I got really into bingeing the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and I started to think that I could try some of what they do on the show. After all, the contestants are all amateurs who find time to make great food in their free time; why not me?

This weekend I finally set aside time to get back into it (I hadn’t baked since a couple medicore loaves in late January/early February). I actually made two different breads: a sourdough, and a cinnamon apple brioche. Both were variations on recipes from that TV show’s judge, Paul Hollywood. He literally wrote the book on bread. I tried something different with my brioche filling and it didn’t come out great, but I’m very pleased with the sourdough I made. I used Paul’s portions but the techniques from this video:

Related: The Bon Appetit YouTube channel is delightful, especially any video featuring Claire Saffitz or Brad Leone.

Is anyone else baking? (I know you are, some have alread shared their pics on twitter). Cooking? Have you tackled a craft? Planted a garden? If you’ve made something during this quarantine, please share in the comments.

The week that was

I usually don’t link to the prior editions of this feature, but it’s worth going back and reading the comments from last week’s open thread, where readers shared their stories of becoming Jackets fans.

Fox Sports Ohio re-aired all four games of the Columbus Blue Jackets’ historic sweep of the Tampa Bay Lightning in last year’s playoffs. We had a gamethread for those rewatching, MrSwift did a retro diary of watching Game 1 again, and BurkusCircus highlighted the best parts of last year’s Game 1 gamethread.

I recapped another great moment in CBJ history: the 2013 season finale. We plan on writing about more moments like that. Are there any that stand out to you that you’d like to see us cover?

On the Cannon Cast, will and MrSwift discussed that Tampa series, and the chances that the NHL may resume play.


The Athletic talked to business owners in the Arena District to find out how they’re coping with no events at the arena and the ban on dine-in guests. The most important part: Nationwide Realty Investors - who own most of the property in the district - are not charging rent on bar and restaurants during the shutdown. The lack of a rent expense has allowed some of those business to remain open for takeout and delivery. Massive stick tap to NRI for doing the right thing here. Remember, as well that we can do our part by continuing to support the restaurants in our neighborhood by ordering takeout and delivery.

The Washington Post featured an article asking “Did Ohio Get It Right?” with regards to the response to COVID-19. It feels good for the state to be profiled in a positive light, and it feels even better to know that the actions taken by the public officials and the citizens have saved lives.

Beloved former CBJ broadcaster Bill Davidge did an interview with Ohio State professor Nicole Kraft:

SportsNet did a Q&A with CapFriendly which highlighted 10 critical questions which remain unanswered about this stoppage of play. There are a lot of thorny contract issues that will have to be sorted out if the season ends up being canceled.

Edmonton Oilers forward Colby Cave passed away after complications from having a brain cyst removed. He was only 25 years old. What a tragedy.

Play me out

While baking on Easter morning, I channeled my father and played music that he would play on Sunday mornings while making breakfast: in this case, the original concept album for Jesus Christ Superstar.

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