Cannon Blasts - October 29, 2014

Social media plugs, a new "Cannonball Wall" at NWA, did Boll get eye-gauged by Neil?, another look at the Foligno incident, and more.

First off, let's cross our fingers that we can all make it to the end of today's Cannon Blasts without getting injured. Ready....go.

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  • The team unveiled a new "Cannonball Wall" at NWA, in which a signed cannonball will be placed on a wall in the arena for every goal scored at home.
  • Did Chris Neil try to eye-gauge Jared Boll at the end of their fight? You decide.
  • Paul Stewart says the incident with Nick Foligno could have been avoided.
  • The Dispatch has some cartoons on the current CBJ injury situation.
  • CBJ Prospects (The Union Blue) breaks down the progress of the Blue Jackets' prospects last week.
  • Thoughts and prayers to Gordie Howe and family. He suffered a serious stroke this past weekend./

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