Cannon Blasts - October 16, 2014

Nathan Horton update (not looking good), who's paying for Nationwide Arena now?, Gibbons to Springfield, an early season look at CBJ European prospects, and a quick #fancystats update

Game 4 is tomorrow against the Calgary Flames (7:00 Eastern). Yes, it's the same Flames team that just beat Chicago 2-1 in OT on the back of Hiller's 49-save effort. Time for some Cannon Blasts:

  • Bob McKenzie was on NHL Live (on NBCSN) last night and painted a pretty grim picture for the injured Nathan Horton. It's feared he has an L5-S1 herniated disc. The "rest and rehab" treatment has gotten Horton nowhere closer to being on the ice since the beginning of camp. A second option is microsurgery that would put him out three months. Lastly, he could undergo a spinal fusion that would essentially end his athletic career. He is still declining all media requests for comments/interviews. You have to wonder how much longer the "strengthen his core" regimen is going to go on before they start exploring surgery options. Yikes.
  • The Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority bought Nationwide Arena in 2012 to help alleviate the team's finances (you remember, right?). Well, WOSU is reporting that they have not made a single loan payment - loan payments that were supposed to be financed by casino tax revenue. Revenues have been less than the projections. So is anybody paying anything for the Arena? I'm confused.
  • Free agent pickup Brian Gibbons cleared waivers and was assigned to Springfield.
  • Jeff Rimer sat down with Ryan Johansen for a one-on-one interview.
  • CBJProspects (The Union Blue) gives you a breakdown of the Jackets' European Prospects and their current seasons.
  • Rob Mixer looks at possession stats / Corsi through the first three games.
  • The Coach (The Union Blue) takes you through every CBJ goal (scored and given up) so far this season.
  • Oh, poor Steve Mason...lost again. Umby has no points and a -5 rating in their four games. The Flyers (with former Jackets Jakub Voracek and Nick Schultz as well) will try for their first win Saturday in Dallas. Let's Go Stars!/

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