Cannon Blasts - November 4, 2014

Fox Sports Ohio with some great content, a Nathan Horton comparison, Hockey's Future looks at this year's CBJ prospects, and some fun with an old "friend."

Matty Ice and Boone return tonight (Dan will have you covered in the preview). St. Denis is up from Springfield with Goloubef to IR. Arty goes to IR. Collins is on his way back to Springfield. So many transactions, I can't keep track.

Anywho, here are some links:

  • Fox Sports Ohio is putting out some great, unique content. We've talked about it on the site before, but Nick Foligno brings versatility to the team. The guys spent some time at Nationwide Children's Hospital (and Wennberg is apparently an Indians fan?). Rick Gethin wrote about the need to turn things around on the ice. And last week, a few players spoke about the adversity they have faced early this season.
  • Is Nathan Horton going to end up like Craig Simpson?
  • Hockey's Future breaks down CBJ prospects poised for "graduation."
  • Scott Hartnell was Larry Bird for Halloween. Pretty spot on.
  • He-who-shall-not-be-named is now blaming new lighting for his horrendous start for Philly (you'll also note a dig at former Jacket Umby later in that article). Because he's avoiding taking responsibility once again, it's a perfect time to link to this./

A home and home is teed up with Carolina tonight and Friday, followed by a home tilt against Tampa Bay. Reinforcements are on the way, but a couple of losses would put Columbus at the top of the Connor McDavid Power Rankings.

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