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Hockey season is here, and with the dawn of a new sports campaign, comes hashtag campaigns from Twitter.

Honestly, they’re very fun. No matter the sport, I always dig it. If I’m being completely honest, I love using team hashtags for a team that I know I’m the only person in my Twitter circle who knows they exist (i.e. a CFL team or one of the professional cricket clubs from Australia).

Here’s the full run down of all 31 new hashtags. Lets see which ones are great and which ones, well, aren’t.

The good

First of all, the clear winner is CBJ. It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s beautiful and it’s what everyone freaking uses.

Also, NYR isn’t bad either. While I don’t think that was the “primary” hashtag for the last couple of years, it makes sense and I dig it.

I also am a fan of any of the hashtags that are just “team names but shorter.” Yotes, Preds and Sens are all good in my book.

Also, I like Carolina’s “Redvolution” a lot.

The “why?”

I don’t understand the run of “LetsGoTeam” hashtags. The thing is, one of the teams who uses it is one of the most storied teams in the league (Edmonton), one of them is a two-time cup champion (Pittsburgh) and another is the Flyers (the Flyers).

Anaheim and Colorado - two more teams who should have the history to have something more creative - are also in this mix.

I guess you can lump the “GoBolts” into this category, as well as “GoJetsGo” but both of those are a little more embedded in the fandom than the others.

Get more creative, damnit

Here’s looking at you, Boston and Florida and New Jersey and Vancouver.

I want to hate it, but I can’t

Washington...good golly, I like it. I cannot tell a lie.

Missing the obvious

Vegas does all this branding to become “VGK” but that wont be their hashtag?! Alright.

Can you tell I’m a web producer for my day job? I <3 the interwebz.

Here are your links.

Columbus Blue Jackets news

National Hockey League news

  • Feeling poetic? 1st Ohio Battery has a haiku for every team on Opening Night. (Well, it was Opening Night yesterday.)
  • The Winnipeg Jets signed their guy, Nikolaj Ehlers, to a deaaaaal.
  • Oh, and they also got slammed at home. Lol (the Thrashers fan still inside me jumps with pure glee).
  • Jaromir Jagr has a new home in Calgary. But, what exactly does he bring to the Flames?
  • Are you looking for someone to keep an eye on in fantasy, or just want to know what the next wave of the NHL has in store? Scott Cullen dives into the numbers of “the rest” of the rookie class./

Sports news

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