Cannon Blasts - February 11, 2015

CBJ out of the Kane sweepstakes, Calvert returning from illness just fine, and let's go to spelling class.

Your up-to-date NHL standings. The CBJ are firmly in "no man's land" and have been for awhile - really far away (in points) from both the last playoff spot and the worst spot in the league. On any given night recently, they have been 14 points away from both. Barring a run better than the 19-5-5 mark a couple years ago, the playoffs are out of the equation. I think this team has too many "character" guys to really threaten for the 30th spot overall as well. Here's to hoping the draft lottery odds are in our favor.

  • Bob McKenzie is reporting that Columbus is "believed to have no interest whatsoever" in Evander Kane. Back to the drawing board on those hypothetical trades I guess.
  • Into advanced stats? BS Hockey (Paul Berthelot) has a piece on attending the Ottawa Hockey Analytics Conference (it's a thing, apparently). Really good read.
  • Somehow, no current or former CBJ player makes The Hockey Writer's list of Worst Contracts in the NHL this season. *cough Umberger cough*
  • The Union Blue has a CBJ prospect update - things are turning around in Springfield, it's a Jacket take over (for now) in Minnesota, and wow Bjorkstrand (WHL and CHL player of the week) and Milano are impressing.
  • Jeremy Crowe (BS Hockey) details possible RW targets for the Jackets. There's not a lot of top-tier talent coming up on the market.
  • A nice piece on Matty Ice / Matty Hustle coming back from illness by Allison L (FSO).
  • This local ABC station in L.A. failed spelling class.
  • Steve Mason, um...injures himself during a timeout?

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