Cannon Blasts: Do You Want A Revolution?

Fletcher complains about why he isn’t smart enough for advanced statistics and runs down all the Blue Jackets, hockey and sports news you may have missed from the past weekendish.

As a chord cutter, NFL Sundays are rough, to say the least. In my case yesterday, my FOX game ended (sorry, Browns fans) and I was left other option. My area was a one-FOX game area and CBS doesn’t stream regular season games yet (it’s not 1992 anymore, CBS. Get it together) and so instead of pulling up an illegal stream on my iPad (the Bengals had the night game and the Falcons are tonight so no matchup was that compelling to me in the 4 p.m. slot), I opted to scour ESPN+.

Usually, I do so for the obscure stuff. UNC/Duke women’s field hockey piqued my interested, but I instead decided to keep browsing and landed on the original programing page, a place I honestly haven’t divulged that deep on.

I eventually landed on an episode of Enhanced (directed and written by, of all people, Alex Gibney which was a fun surprise) that was focused on the analytical revolution that is sweeping sports. It’s like the second or third episode - the exact title is escaping me. My apologies.

It’s funny I sat down to watch it, because just hours before hand, I had read Stinerman’s FanPost where he admitted to wrestling with the change being made in the NHL to embrace advanced stats. I’m sure the two are somehow connected, I just don’t know how yet.

Regardless, each got me thinking: I’ve always loved the idea (as weird as that sounds) of advanced stats. I’ll watch ESPN’s Sabermetric broadcast over the normal one, I follow a few advanced stat-centric outlets on the Twitter and I’ve even incorporated advanced numbers in my writings both on here and for my Western Kentucky site.

I’m all for the revolution. I’m here for it.

Except here’s the thing: I don’t fully understand all of the advanced stats.

Be it a combination of being too lazy to actually do all of the reading on them or maybe I don’t like advanced numbers as much as I thought?

Anyway, this is my invitation to you; share your favorite advanced stat reading with me. Hockey, baseball, baskeball, football, cricket (no, seriously, I’d love Sabercricket), hit me up with it.

As for why people don’t like the advanced numbers; I totally get it. I’ll liken to this: I always thought the game of chess was a free-flowing, spontaneous game. That is, until I learned that is really just a series of algorithms and memorization, for the most part. If someone opens d5, e3, c7 (are those actual openings?), there’s a “proper,” way to counter. There might be multiple proper ways to counter, but there is still a “proper,” way to do so.

It’s the same with the advanced numbers - baseball is supposed to be about feel. Basketball is supposed to be about feel. But, when people are telling you that the numbers say you should do X, despite feeling that Y would be better...I get it.

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