Cannon Blasts - December 2, 2015

Cannon Blasts return from a post-Thanksgiving slumber! Get caught up on all the latest CBJ news and notes!

Apologies for the delay between Blasts - Thanksgiving food will do that to a guy. The Jackets dropped another winnable game last night, moving to 10-9 under Torts and staying in the Eastern Conference cellar. Still, there are plenty of stories out there. Let's get to it!

  •'s interview (transcript version) with John Tortorella is making the rounds online. Torts talks about building habits, Ryan Johansen, and his image/reputation. He talks a lot about the young team having to learn to be a pro. I wonder if the team lost some leadership the last couple years with the departures of veterans like James Wisniewski, Mark Letestu, Derek Mackenzie, and others. Not saying there are bad leaders now, but it's certainly interesting to hear the new coach constantly harping on habits and being a pro with this team.
  • Plenty of CBJ notes in the most recent edition of 30 Thoughts. The team seems to be testing the waters in regards to Johansen's value on the market, though it does not sound like they are actively shopping the center. Also, if Dubinsky's cross-check wasn't dissected enough, there is some more in that link as well.
  • The Hockey Writers takes a look at five of the worst contracts in the NHL and two are current Jackets while a former player also appears (Vermette). We all know the deal with Clarkson - but most fans are getting what they want with him on IR. He's not taking a lineup spot currently, and that's all (most) fans wanted from the start. He is starting to skate on his own so we will have to see if he returns soon. I will also disagree on Jack Johnson showing up on this list - mostly because what other options does Columbus have right now? Ideally he would be on a 2nd pair, but the team needs him to eat minutes right now with a young (and now injured) blue line.
  • Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk asks, "Does Columbus have a fitness problem?"
  • A quick look from Overtime Sports Nation on the Blue Jackets turnaround.
  • Lots of discussion on the internets about making the game more exciting and expanding goal-scoring. What say you? Do you want to expand the nets? Change the rules? Reduce goalie pad size?
  • More love for Anthony Zych and his work with the CBJ gameday posters.
  • Not CBJ related, but these stories from Tie Domi are pretty crazy.
  • Back to CBJ related - Brandon Saad, Boone Jenner, and Ryan Murray all appear on the "Team North America" roster projection. Ryan Johansen misses the cut-off by a few months and faces ridiculous competition to make Team Canada.
  • Kid Poker apparently insulted Columbus (the city) in a recent documentary. I'm not even really sure why this is a thing. Yes, the city is on the up and the metro area is poised to break the 2 million citizens barrier. It is a bit of a hidden gem as it is not always thought of as a top destination for vacations or trips. I just don't see the point in getting worked up if someone puts the city down. If you love it here, just stay positive and tell others about what they are missing out on, but there is a bit of an inferior complex when people point out every time someone insults the city. Enjoy what you have and other people will take notice. Eventually, word will get out. Until then, sticks and stones... /end rant
  • More off ice news - the owners of Nationwide Arena have agreed to make payments to Columbus City Schools in lieu of property tax payments./

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