Cannon Blasts: Whale, Whale, Whale, What Do We Have Here?

You can’t deny how good it is; the Hartford Whalers will kind of return to the ice later this year in something that hockey fans (really, hockey fans who are also uniform enthusiasts) have waited years for.

Hot damn is that a clean look. And a few nice touches to modernize it and bring the Hurricanes identity to it - I personally love the blue squares in the collar.

But, as much as I love this, I also am uneasy about it. It’s a perspective that, unfortunately, not many have or think about but it’s an important one: How much does this kill those who were Whaler fans.

I was talking about this with the Cannon staff on the day it debuted: If the Winnipeg Jets did this, but with the Thrashers, my feelings would be incredibly mixed.

On the one hand, it really would feel good to see that blue sweater on the ice again. It’d be like nothing had changed and that my boys were back on the ice.

But on the other, it’d just be nothing more than a mean, mean tease. Also, a very obvious money grab (which I still wouldn’t feel bad about dropping $100 on that if I’m a Canes or Whalers fan).

I’m not saying the Canes are right or wrong in doing this - like I said, it’ll make them money, I’m sure they’ll have more eyes tuned in than usual to see the duds on the pond and, again, they’re clean af.

I just also don’t want those Whaler fans to think no one is thinking about them.

How will you feel in 10 years if Austin FC debuts a black and gold third kit?

Anyway, here’s the news, and the puck drops tomorrow.

Columbus Blue Jackets

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Sports News

  • The MLB Playoffs are somewhat officially set: The Rockies are in Chi-Town for the NL Wildcard tonight, which will set up a meeting with the Brewers in the NLDS. My Braves take on the Dodgers in a 2013 rematch and I’m terrified.
  • The AL side of the bracket follows as such: Oakland is in New York for the wildcard, with a matchup against the Red Sox on the line. The Astros and Indians will meet in the other NLDS which might be the best series of this first round.
  • The NBA Preseason is here, and LeBron James has officially(?) debuted as a Laker.
  • Is it really that dead in sports as a whole right now? I mean sure things are happening but is anything really happening?/

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