Cannon Blasts: Dubinsky Leaves Sunday Practice

Dubinsky left practice on Sunday and other news and notes you need to start your week.

During practice on Sunday, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky left practice after being, as Aaron Portzline reported, “being in some discomfort.”

The Jackets haven’t haven’t announced any specifics on the injury and it very well might be nothing, but still is something to monitor ahead of tomorrow’s game against the Avalanche.

While we are still in the baby steps of the season, Dubinsky has been one of the leaders on the ice this year; he’s posted two points (goal, assist - along with Artemi Panarin) and ranks third in CF% (62.7%) and FF% (68.2%).

We’ll wait until we hear more before we can fully react.

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  • The Braves aren’t eliminated yet! They beat the Dodgers last night, 6-5, thanks to the GOAT’s in Freddie Freeman and Ronald Acuna. (I don’t feel great about tonight, though.)
  • Who is eliminated, however, are the Colorado Rockies. Sorry fam. But my goodness who thought the Brewers were this good (says the guy who didn’t watch regular season baseball since June).
  • It’s a busy baseball day! Houston/Cleveland are at 1:30 (but you all knew that), the Braves/Dodgers will start at 4:30 and the Yankees/Red Sox are your night cap. Enjoy.
  • The Browns won a football game. Against an NFL team. On a Sunday. I’m serious.
  • Here’s a roundup of everything you may have missed yesterday across the League. Just read nothing regarding the Falcons game. Please.
  • After the UFC fight, there was another fight. Dana White isn’t happy.
  • Now that the Aussie Footy season is over (although the offseason is about to get in the silly part of their season), it’s time to keep track of a new sport; Cricket! Austrailia and Pakistan are playing in the first of two Test matches. It wont be over until Thursday unless it’s a super blowout, and the second day will be finishing up as you’re reading this, so here’s a recap of day one. Any questions, throw them in the comments and I’ll walk you through it./

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