Cannon Blasts - August 14, 2014

Another barrage of Cannon Blasts for your enjoyment.

  • Porty had some rather random musings over at Puck Rakers (may be pay-walled if you don't have an account and have used up your views for the month). Most notable are Aaron's belief that Sonny Milano will still end up going the OHL route over BC, which was brought up in Tuesday's edition of Cannon Blasts, and the details on just how far apart the FO and Johansen's team remain in regards to a new deal.
  • The Traverse City Prospect Tournament schedule has been released for this year.
  • Looking for some chills ("all of the feels")? Hopefully Tyler West's piece for "Union and Blue" will get you fired up for the season to start.
  • This is sure to be met with some differing thoughts here, but Brad Friedman over at discusses Jared Boll's eagerness to have more of a presence on the ice in the 2014-2015 season.
  • I am not sure if much attention was paid to this last month, but apparently the Jackets are not yet profitable./

We are inching ever closer to talking about hockey rather than contracts and potential. In the mean time, I hope everyone gets to enjoy another summer weekend wherever you are.

(It looks like there was a user error in trying to publish this morning. For this, I apologize and present to you a bonus link regarding Gary Bettman's visit to Columbus.)

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